Here we are.

Here wer are, at the crossroads.
The place, where we go left or right.
Here we are, at the fork in the path.
The place, where we make the choice.

The choice, that only our hearts can make.
The choice, that is waiting for its answer.

8. December 2011 / Forest Row, England


Should I yes? Or better no?

I sit here and wonder.
I sit here and ponder.
Should I yes?
Or better no?
I need to confess,
it feels like a show.

With my heart wondered away,
I‘m only left with games to play.
So I try to reconnect,
to listen inside.
Yet there is no effect,
all I meet is my pride.

My pride, it wants to share,
but only the beauty.
I want to share, what I see for real,
I want to share, what I really feel.

Yet, the darkness and shadows I sometimes meet,
are not the usual way to great.
Thus, my pride wants to hide them,
to keep inside them.

It says.
There‘s only so much,
that people can bare.

And I?
I still sit there and wonder.
I still sit there and ponder.
Should I yes?
Or better no?
It‘s a little mess.
So I better go.

Try to tidy up,
before you all, leave to the pup.

3. October 2011 / Forest Row, England