New Year’s Resolution

I asked: What do you wish for in your life?
He answered: Happiness
I asked: How do you want to get there?
He answered: Afoot
I asked: So what do you want to do in your life?
He answered: Be

1. January 2013 / Eisenbolz, Germany

No matter what

I’m rconnecting to the earth.
She is full of grief.
I am full of grief.
I‘m connected to the earth.

She doesn‘t judge,
neither me nor anyone else.
She doesn‘t stop,
neither moving nor changing.

Can I connect enough,
to follow her example?
Can I hold sacred?
Can I carry on?

She just smiles and does.

Summer 2011 / Wangen, Germany

with Silence and Nature

I am with the silence of nature.
I am with the nature of silence.

Nature is with the silence of me.
Silence is with the nature of me.

With nature the silence of me is.
With silence the nature of me is.

With me the silence of nature is.
With me the nature of silence is.

But, is nature actually silent?
Is silence actually natural?
Can I be with silence?
Can I be with nature?

Are you?

25. Oktober 2011 / Forest Row, England

Mein ganzer Stolz – Loud and Proud :-)

Over the last weeks since I came back from South Africa, I spent a lot of my free time with interviewing the 38 participants of the Youth Initiative Program, where I am currently at, about schools and education. My focus in that was, what is important for each one of them, looked at it from their personal experience. I enjoyed to listen to each and every one of them, because looking it from personal experiences, made each comment so authentic and beautiful, and made me actually want to carry on interviewing people. But for now my fellow YIPpies were enough. See what came out of it, and enjoy!

What is imoprtant for education?

PS: Unfortunatelly wordpress doesn’t support vimeo, and youtube not HD so, thats why you can only can find the link here.