Talking Pets or What I stumbled upon today :-)

I will let the music and band speak for itself. Just happy to share this new discovery.

“Talking Pets is not a band! It’s just one guitar, one drum kit, one bass guitar, one synthesizer, no tricks! There are four members, two different hair cuts, three mustaches, three driver’s licenses and definitely no fear of pop music. Their interests besides music: swedish food and furniture, girls who can sing and… girls who can’t.

All band members are located in munich, yet they are not rich. Maybe they will be someday, but not now. During the winter some of them tend to wear warm shoes, others don’t. There are plans that the band is going to play a show in your hometown soon. But plans may change.”

Talking Pets

Coming home with mixed feelings….

listening to old favorites on a long bus trip
hugging everyone in my family and my sister a few times more
wearing a new hat with a smile peaking out underneath
sleeping on my cosy mattress with the perfect mix between firm and soft
waking up to our lovely neighbor ringing the door bell and the house phone singing it’s familiar tune
doing my morning practice in my room with finally enough space
showering in a shower that allows regulating both water and temperature
riding on my smooth sports bike to town
wondering through familiar shops
eating my favorite bread
COMING HOME (happy me)

dragging my heavy suitcase behind
calling a pick-up service for us and our broken car
hearing my brother is struggling
going to bed with a terrible headache
arguing with over silly things
getting annoyed by stupid paper work
watching the dark clouds on the sky
unpacking and sorting out stuff
listening to my parents fighting trying to close my ears
feeling empty even after heaps of food
COMING HOME (sad me)

14. December 2011 / Wangen, Germany