Old news – What’s important for education?

I created this interview series roughly two years ago. I asked each person the same question: “What do you think is imprtant for education?” I didn’t ask for the right answers, some fancy acdemic wrote in a book, I didn’t give them prepared answers to say to the camera, not one interview was repeated. I wanted people to speak in the moment from their heart and experience. And they did.

Here we are.

Here wer are, at the crossroads.
The place, where we go left or right.
Here we are, at the fork in the path.
The place, where we make the choice.

The choice, that only our hearts can make.
The choice, that is waiting for its answer.

8. December 2011 / Forest Row, England

Mein ganzer Stolz – Loud and Proud :-)

Over the last weeks since I came back from South Africa, I spent a lot of my free time with interviewing the 38 participants of the Youth Initiative Program, where I am currently at, about schools and education. My focus in that was, what is important for each one of them, looked at it from their personal experience. I enjoyed to listen to each and every one of them, because looking it from personal experiences, made each comment so authentic and beautiful, and made me actually want to carry on interviewing people. But for now my fellow YIPpies were enough. See what came out of it, and enjoy!

What is imoprtant for education?

PS: Unfortunatelly wordpress doesn’t support vimeo, and youtube not HD so, thats why you can only can find the link here.

Mapping out our lives

There we are,

At the top of the hill.

Looking down at all the fields of opportunities.

Trying to figure out which one is ours.

Knowing that they’re all just a macrocosm of ourselves,

And each one of them as important as the other.

Still having to decide which valley we are heading for.

There is a space where we can connect,

Despite of where are, to where ever we want to.

And it is as real, as every thought you might have.

Looking from this place into the world,

It is not the question of where we are going,

but how we are going.

Which shouldn’t keep us from going,

Where our heart leads us to,

Our mind gives us the possibilities to imagine,

And our will shall move us to.

Because there is a path, which is for us,

Though it might be hidden and go in circles,

It will be ours,

And allways ours.

As long as we tread a path.

27. January 2010 / Järna, Sweden

unperfect world?

whenever I see the sun rising
whenever I see the moon shining
I can feel that I’m living in a wonderful world

whenever I hear people crying
whenever I hear that persons are dying
I can sense that I’m living in an unperfect world

when I stand up in the morning
I can look into the mirror and frown

if you think about it
it could be worth it
to look into the mirror and smile

everything has it’s good sides
and everything has it bad sides

It’s your decision
which things you see

when I look into the world
I see a lot of problems

when I look a little bit closer
I see a lot of people who can solve them….

so I say:
we just have to get connected
and start acting

think about it
we just have to get connected
and start acting

….and the world will change…

autumn 2006 / Wangen, Germany

for the youth conference “connAction” in summer 2007