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The World as a Garden – Learning Dance for Social Change

I am sitting in my room, slowly realizing it is really only two weeks, untill I will leave the Youth Initiative Program (YIP) in the beautiful small Ytterjärna in Sweden. Actually I am full on occupied in the preperations of Sense Festival, the event that all of us YIP participants organizing together, to celebrate community life.
But I want to use the few free munites I have, to share something else with you, that has kept me occupied in the last few month and has started allready at the beginning of the program in August last year.
All this year long, I had the pleasure and honor to be part of Ediane de Lima’s dance classes, every morning from 6.45 to 8.00 am. Even though it was hard to get out of bed this early, and more often than good, I didn’t make it to the class untill almost seven, I am so happy to have been there every day.
Learning dancing, had been a childhood dream of mine, that I had tried to bring into reality many times but allways failed. I had even been searching for year long dance trainings, where I could go to as amateur, last summer.
As I had to let go of these ideas in order to come to YIP, it was even more wonderful for me to find this unique opprtunity here at YIP, where I had least expected it.
There she was, Ediane, that wonderful young woman, that I am so gratefull for, that I don’t know how to thank her. I hadn’t expected to meet someone like her at YIP. But there she was, just there, asking whether we wanted to learn dancing…. and after a few month, whether we wanted to perform dancing…. and after we performed dancing, she even listen to our crazy idea of going on tour with dancing.
And there we are after 10 month dancing with laughters, joy, tears and struggles, we are actually planning our dance tour. Our kick-off will be another performance in the Culture House in Ytterjärna on the 17th of June.

Here a link to a little Video of our first performance.

And a few pics:



Quick One

Our first performances on the actually tour, will be on the 3rd and 4th of July in Amsterdam. After that we want carry on with our tour in maybe Englad and quite possibly Germany.
However to make this second part of our tour possible, we need financial support, and I want to invite you here to kindly help us with this. As we say in German: “Kleinvieh macht auch Mist.” – something like, “Small livestock, produces also dung.” I invite you not think in to big scale but with a little help from a friend 🙂 we will be all sorted.
To do so visit our appearance and support us, via donations or good refferences.