Pavement Gardens – Creating Healthy Free Food for All

A friend and fellow storyteller from South Africa, wrote me this beautiful inspiring story of her free vegetable pavement garden. Thought it just needed further sharing!

Amanzi Veg garden 008 (2)

As you can see from the photo, I live behind a high wall, which has
electric fencing on the top of it. A couple of months ago, all the
pavements on my side of the road were dug up to put in high speed
Cabling. I thought, “dam it! Let me turn a lemon into a lemonade”. So
I moved all my pretty flowers which were on the pavement, (my sons
inherited a lot, and some I replanted inside, and friends got others)
After the cabling went in, I planted vegetables, and created a vegetable
pavement garden: Spinach, lots of tomatoes, beans, butternut (squash)
moroggo (a SA spinach which black people love). I got a few old tyres,
sprayed them orange and filled them with good soil. I placed the tyres 
where the soil was bad, or close to the edge of the Road where rain
water often washes away plants. I have a few pretty flowers like
marigolds, nasturtiums, zinnias – but they are there to deter bugs
mostly. I have a sign on the pavement which says:
Pick what you can eat, but leave some for your brothers and
sisters. Healthy free vegetables!

I was driving home from shopping last week, and as I came round the
corner, I almost drove into a black man carrying a large bunch of
spinach. He waved at me with a grin from ear to ear, waving the spinach
in the air, saying thank you! I stopped the car, and said: But you
didn’t leave any for your brothers and sisters! (for he had picked just
about all the spinach). With another Huge grin he said, “no problem, I
will share it with my brothers and sisters at home!” What could I say,
I was delighted. This is part of my dream for 2013 – that many more
people plant pavement gardens, creating healthy food for all. And
although this doesn’t bring the walls down, perhaps it helps to make
them a little less solid. And who know what Stories will come out of
talking to people on my pavement!

No matter what

I’m rconnecting to the earth.
She is full of grief.
I am full of grief.
I‘m connected to the earth.

She doesn‘t judge,
neither me nor anyone else.
She doesn‘t stop,
neither moving nor changing.

Can I connect enough,
to follow her example?
Can I hold sacred?
Can I carry on?

She just smiles and does.

Summer 2011 / Wangen, Germany

unperfect world?

whenever I see the sun rising
whenever I see the moon shining
I can feel that I’m living in a wonderful world

whenever I hear people crying
whenever I hear that persons are dying
I can sense that I’m living in an unperfect world

when I stand up in the morning
I can look into the mirror and frown

if you think about it
it could be worth it
to look into the mirror and smile

everything has it’s good sides
and everything has it bad sides

It’s your decision
which things you see

when I look into the world
I see a lot of problems

when I look a little bit closer
I see a lot of people who can solve them….

so I say:
we just have to get connected
and start acting

think about it
we just have to get connected
and start acting

….and the world will change…

autumn 2006 / Wangen, Germany

for the youth conference “connAction” in summer 2007