Mein ganzer Stolz – Loud and Proud :-)

Over the last weeks since I came back from South Africa, I spent a lot of my free time with interviewing the 38 participants of the Youth Initiative Program, where I am currently at, about schools and education. My focus in that was, what is important for each one of them, looked at it from their personal experience. I enjoyed to listen to each and every one of them, because looking it from personal experiences, made each comment so authentic and beautiful, and made me actually want to carry on interviewing people. But for now my fellow YIPpies were enough. See what came out of it, and enjoy!

What is imoprtant for education?

PS: Unfortunatelly wordpress doesn’t support vimeo, and youtube not HD so, thats why you can only can find the link here.

Wise Eyes and Sense Festival

As I seem to be to involved in other issues and I know some of you are quite lazy in reading 🙂 I will use this videos to share a bit of what has been going on the last months… a nice new term I learned yesterday “video blogging”…. any ways..
during my time in South Africa I took part in the Wise Eyes project of my fellow YIPpie, Amy Ilic. For her project we went every afternoon in the Siyaphambili orphanage to give the kids the possibility of taking pictures themselve and showing their perspective. You can also visit her website: Wise Eyes

For a long time now we YIPpies have been planning our closer event of our year, the Sense Festival and one of our fellows, Brenno Kaschner Russo, produced a little where you can see all of us, going crazy organising this event :-). Please feel very welcomed to visit our website ( and at the end of the day our event!!!

Busy, busy, busy….

Hey guys,
sorry for no new up-dates here, first no internet access in Cape Town, and than just to busy at YIP I find it hard to make time for new posts. Anyway just managed post a little bit of what was going on in Langa, while we where there on the YDC website. So check it out :-).
Hopefully with mor news soon.
Yours in Development.
Silvi 🙂

Sunny Saturday Morning

I am starting in the day with a smile on my face, after a fulfilling dance performance last night.
The sun is shining bright outside and the snow and ice are finally melting. There are still pathways where you can end up in snow deep enough to reach into your gum boots and you have to watch out for all the slippery sections on your way. At the same time though water is dripping everywhere and the puddles becoming humongous.
During the last month at YIP I am more and more surprised how much part of the nature we humans are, and therefore I am not surprised that I can find the mood that is out there in the nature within myself.
As the sun is shining – I am smiling – and all the frustration of feeling stuck between to many amazing options and not beeing able to act upon my dreams effectivly enough are finally melting away. There is still a room looking like a bomb has been visting, because I couldn’t find time to take care, and a big to-do list with mostly important! after each and every task. At the same time though patterns seek to emerge and my heart is starting to find its way while the warmth is spreading inside it.
Amazed of how much we could move peoples hearts in one hour last night, I am highly greatful for all the gratitude that was expressed towards us. One women even came to me and said she had been dancing before and we inspired her to start again.
Having all this as a ground I am excited about the possibility to bring all I learned at YIP so far into practice during my upcoming international internship in Langa, Cape Town, South Africa (30.03. – 30.04.2010). I will help my fellow Yipie Mahlubi with his dream of a Youth Development Center in his home township Langa, which seems meaningful and fun at the same time. And I started of with a nice simple Logo.