New Year’s Resolution

I asked: What do you wish for in your life?
He answered: Happiness
I asked: How do you want to get there?
He answered: Afoot
I asked: So what do you want to do in your life?
He answered: Be

1. January 2013 / Eisenbolz, Germany


The “Receive Message” Button

How many times can one hit the “receive message” button?
Simply to be disappointed over and over again,
No message is coming in any more.

How long can one stare at the same wall?
Hoping that one day, one final future moment,
The look of it might feel different.

How often can one check Skype?
Only to realize, that even if he is online,
There’ll be no call.

How disappointed can one get?
Still believing, if only I gave him one more chance,
He might have been my prince.

How many times will I hit the “receive message” button?
Only to have the appearing of nothingness
Remind me, that it’s really over.

How many raindrops do I need to count?
Before they finally start washing away
The memory of all the pain,
and beauty.

13. November 2012 / München, Germany

No matter what

I’m rconnecting to the earth.
She is full of grief.
I am full of grief.
I‘m connected to the earth.

She doesn‘t judge,
neither me nor anyone else.
She doesn‘t stop,
neither moving nor changing.

Can I connect enough,
to follow her example?
Can I hold sacred?
Can I carry on?

She just smiles and does.

Summer 2011 / Wangen, Germany

What if?

What if I knew, which way I will go?
What if I knew, which choice I will make?
What if I knew, what the future will bring?
What if I knew, how to do the right thing?
What if I knew, how this world is working?

What if I knew, about my own little gift?
What if I knew, I’ll give it to whoever needs it?
What if I knew, there‘s no reason to back out?

What if I knew, it‘s always worth trying?
What if I knew, I can never fail truely?

What if I knew, it‘s okay to scrue up?
What if I knew, it‘s okay to be afraid?
What if I knew, there‘ll always be support?
What if I knew, there‘ll always be friends?

12. April 2012 / Järna, Sweden