Say yes to life.

Say yes to life.

It‘s like th sun rising on a Monday morning.
saying here we are,
a new day,
a new week,
a new me,
coming around again,
to shine for you.

To shine for you,
when the dark moments creap around the corner.
To shine, when you wish you‘d stayed in bed.
To shine, so you see the beauty of this world at the periphery of yourself.

So you will find the white bird in the durty river,
the longing soul of the boy between the drugdealers,
the teacher who is giving her best for her students,
the artist who is sharing a story that will stir your heart,
the bug that‘s behind the leave.

Maybe no-one ever saw them before,
but they will shine you the way the sun reasures.

So you remember,
it‘s like the sun rising on a Monday morning,
when we dare to say yes to life.

September 2011 / Forest Row, England

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