On Tour with “The World as a Garden”

For more than a week we are on tour now :-), and it is awakening so many feelings. It is wonderful and exiting, tiring and difficult, a lot of work and a lot of fun.
Personally I felt challanged by the different realities of past, present and future, I had to find myself in..
Past: We had just left our wonderful YIP fellows from all over the world behind us, who we had been living and studying with for a year now.
Present: A performance in Amsterdam a big city, on a new stage with only 9 of originally 12 dancers, so also some cheocraphy changes.
Future: Organising and especially making decisions for performances in Berlin and Wangen.
….and the fact that we didn’t seem to find ourselves in the same ones all the time.
But I am so grateful for every munite. I had done all sorts of different, mainly theater, performances during my school time before, but I had never been on tour with a performnce before. So for me it’s just incredible to be able to experience the differnces of being on tour and just being on one place. Constantly having to adapt to new circumstances, seeing new people, the travelling (hitch hikin) in between, all this is an adventure in it self allready and than adding organiszing, marketing, physical training, rehersals and performances on top…. and of course we didn’t want to miss to go to the beach one morning. Full on, but wonderfull :-)!

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