Wise Eyes and Sense Festival

As I seem to be to involved in other issues and I know some of you are quite lazy in reading 🙂 I will use this videos to share a bit of what has been going on the last months… a nice new term I learned yesterday “video blogging”…. any ways..
during my time in South Africa I took part in the Wise Eyes project of my fellow YIPpie, Amy Ilic. For her project we went every afternoon in the Siyaphambili orphanage to give the kids the possibility of taking pictures themselve and showing their perspective. You can also visit her website: Wise Eyes

For a long time now we YIPpies have been planning our closer event of our year, the Sense Festival and one of our fellows, Brenno Kaschner Russo, produced a little where you can see all of us, going crazy organising this event :-). Please feel very welcomed to visit our website (www.sensefestival.se) and at the end of the day our event!!!


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