Piece of my soul in Spring 2005

It’s friday night, the end of our first term at YIP, and I guess I want to look back a bit.  I feel I have grown and developed so much in these four month in Sweden, but still only touched at the potential that is there. I feel how my heart fills up with love every day more and more and with that its strength to put love and passion in what I’m doing grows. But by strengthening the capacities of my heart I also learn to feel the pain and loneliness that is with each and one of us by some means or other. And as we are in the darkest time of the year I want to share a song with you I wrote about four years ago in another phase of my life. I dedicate it to everyone who is still striving for more connection to poeple, more light, more joy, more love and all I forgot I’m still striving for…. I hope you like it.


2 thoughts on “Piece of my soul in Spring 2005

  1. Hi Silvi,
    You have done a very good job creating your blog. I appreciate sharing your “Quest” to your-self no matter what challenges are ahead. You start to flourish and I am very curious about the next blossoms to come creating a beautiful mind.
    Enjoy your “eyeopening” and heart-moving time up in the north. The north is designed to build the rock-solid fundament of the soul, some people say.
    I wish you strong roots and delicate blossoms.

    1. Hey dankeschn 🙂 Ja versuch gerade die ganze Zeit mal bisl Zeit zu finden, was neues reinzuschreiben…. Aber so viel los hier! Wenn alles klappt werde ich mein Praktikum in den Philipinen machen, bei Nicanor Perlas, falls der dir was sagt. Sonst ma unten mehr Info. Wenn sie ihn wieder zulassen, wre ich da genau im Kampagnentrubel :-). Alles Liebe Silvia

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