Not very up to date I must admit….. but the article I wrote about our climate action

A Flash Mob by the Youth Initiative Program

(to see the video, check the link on the side)

It all started with an e-mail by asking people to become active in a global wake-up call for climate change on the 21st of September 2009. As the health of our planet is a big concern to us, we from Y.I.P immediately knew, that we wanted to be involved.
With our lecturer Edgard Gouveia Juniors words “It has to be with fun. It cannot be with sacrifice, it has to be with beauty.” on our minds, we were determined to find a way to do it with amusement for us and others, whilst sending a message that was very obvious and easy to understand. We wanted to create an image that would stick in people’s minds in a place where many people would see it.
A flash mob in the Central Station of Stockholm seemed the perfect way to do so. So we met up, watching earlier big flash mobs and brain storming how a flash mob concerning global warming could look. We were enjoying this process quite a lot. After some days an idea of how our flash mob would look like started to shape.
When the world heats up, many things will change, and maybe you will see people in bikinis and shorts hurrying to their train in the future, who knows. So the plan was made: we would go sun bathing with swimming suits and towels in the Central Station. Then the actual preparations began. Some published our plans, contacted and tried to connect to media. While others found an appropriate spot in the station and created a film documenting team. Next we came up with a catchy slogan for a banner and last but not least we had to find an event time which would not affect our tightly packed program at Y.I.P.
After two weeks of developing and improving our project we set of to Stockholm Central Station feeling very excited and a bit queasy.  As we didn’t want to raise any attention before our action started, the deal was to split up in the great hall of the station as soon as we arrived. This was a very extraordinary feeling; I rather had the experience of being an undercover agent than a global activist. Than as agreed at promptly 18.12 O’clock we all started to unfold our towels and undress, and suddenly I felt as if I was in the middle of an art project – lying there on the ground, being watched by passing people, pretending it were the most common thing to sun bath in the middle of Stockholm Central. During our planning we were considering 5 minutes might be too long, but then the time passed rather quickly and the clock showed 18.17 already time to dress up again.
Unfortunately the hall in the Central Station, had not been as crowded as we had hoped, but the success of our you tube video was astounding. Hundreds of views on in the first days, over thousand after a month, 5 seconds in the official wake-up call video of and a praise of being creative. It was a great success and lots of fun and we are already planning to do it again.


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