Better get a good teacher :-)

Okay got me  : – )
As I’m now sitting in front of my laptop anyway, I will give a bit of an insight, of how my life looks right now:

Have you ever been moved to tears by joy? Well if, imagine you sit in a class listening to your teacher and suddenly you feel this tears coming up because you know you sitting in the right lessons at the right time, with an amazing teacher learning really relevant stuff.
I mean for me this was almost unimaginable.
Most of my at school I spent time being annoyed by subjects which had no meaning for me what so ever, feeling my teachers couldn’t help me at all and I’d rather be somewhere else than in lessons.
But as time passes here at YIP, I realize actually having a teacher which can strongly guide you, but at the same time be interested in what comes from you and is able to support you in your ideas, is not just a bubbly childhood dream, which just doesn’t have anything to do with reality, but rather all I was ever looking for related to education and now get here.

So in other words, although I miss you all, I’m am just really happy to be here right now. For some reason it just makes perfect sense as well.


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